Fuel Your Business: How to Energize People, Ignite Action and Drive Profits is making the power of GOOD energy the driving force in business throughout the world.

Human energy is the door of opportunity for business. As the demands of our connected world increase, people no longer have the energy they once had to be fully engaged, productive, and innovative in the workplace–leaving business leaders in search of a solution. Fuel Your Business is the solution. Fuel Your Business is about how to create a culture where people are energized, feel good and are happy. It’s about how to create a business that’s good for people, profit and the Earth all at the same time. Author Gina Soleil, gives you a step-by-step roadmap for building a business that’s fueled to win in today’s market.

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“Fuel Your Business is brilliant in the way few books are-in originality and impact.  If Adam Smith is credited with being the father of economics, he just met his match in Soleil.  These ideas will revolutionize how we look at business, economics, public policy and so much more.  This lesson of humanity rings of possibility, hope, and a new kind of prosperity. Each chapter lifts a veil with simple truths. It has the potential to fuel your business… and it can do so much more if you let it.”

– Jennifer Hovelsrud, Corporate Communications, UnitedHealth Group

“Reading Fuel Your Business is like sitting down for a lively conversation with one of the most energetic people you’ll ever meet. Gina Soleil, in her centered and thoughtful way, takes you on the journey to understanding that your business is not just a separate entity you need to work on, but rather a living, breathing creature that needs to be nurtured just like the human beings it is made of. When business leaders escape their preconceptions and embrace her energy-centered approach we’ll all enjoy a transformation in American business culture.”

– James Matheson, President and Partner, Network Medics, Inc.

“Above the often neglected or simply unseen landscape between personal and organizational transformation, Soleil shines her light on the deeper truths—and shadows—of management and, indeed, true leadership. This book captures in living color what often pass for black and white stills that leave people cold. Soleil makes business ethics sing with soul. She champions the radical yet rooted-in-the-human-core possibility of our vast business tools and modern machinery serving us, not the other way around.”

– Rick Bernardo, Assistant Professor, Business Management Ethics/Organizational Leadership/Cyber-tech. Ethics St. Mary’s University of MN

“Business is powered by energy. By shifting, nurturing and accelerating it, you create a renewable energy source more valuable than all the oil wells on the planet, every uncut diamond and every once of platinum in the galaxy. Get ready for the rocket ship ride of your life as Fuel Your Business launches you and your company into a whole new universe of possibility and profitability.”

Jeanine Thompson, president and business energy expert, Jeanine Thompson, LLC.

“It’s rare that in your life you get to meet a person with the intensity of purpose as strong as the noon day sun, and the drive to accomplish that purpose so strong that a team of wild horses could not stop them; Gina Soleil is one of those people.  As a colleague and friend, I have found that Soleil is unwavering in her desire to make things better than she found them–both in her business and personal life. She not only teaches the principles in her book Fuel Your Business, she lives them! Look out corporate America, times have changed and Gina Soleil just wrote the new rule book on how to run a business.”

Jason Thomas, Senior Web Developer, RBA Consulting 

“Fuel Your Business is a much awaited for wedding between the business world and the field of human energy.  In this accessible and engaging book, she shares a practical map for how to use the principles of energy work in order to not only better the bottom line, but better humanity.”

Contact Gina Soleil to learn more:

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